最近、Amazon CloudSearchを使っていまして、AngularJSからクロスドメインでアクセスできないと思っていたら、CloudSearchはCORS非対応なのですね。

ちなみにCORS(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)とはその名の通りクロスオリジンでリソースをシェアすることです。





Cross-Origin Resource Sharing



Please tell me how to enable CORS in Cloud Search.
I can't get data from cloud search using AngularJS($resource.get()).
I want Access-Control-Allow-* headers from response header of Cloud Search.
Is there any options?

If I use jsonp, I want Content-Type:application/javascript from  Cloud Search.
※Not application/json

I want to use Cloud Search as a API.



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I was unable to find information about our CloudSearch service support of CORS in our documentation. However, I was able to find some discussion about CloudSearch and CORS in our Developer Forums:

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バケットに対してAdd CORS Configuration
XML ドキュメントを記載して、Save


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