VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3

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These endpoints are easy to configure, highly reliable,
and provide a secure connection to S3 that does not require a gateway or NAT instances.






※この際にRoute Tableの設定が自動的に行われます
※エンドポイントにアクセスできるサブネットはこのRoute Tableが紐付けられているもののみです

A rule with destination pl-XXXXXXXXX (com.amazonaws.ap-northeast-1.s3) and a target with this endpoints' ID (e.g. vpce-1111111111) will be added to the route tables you select below.

When you use an S3 endpoint, the source IP addresses from your instances in your affected subnets for S3 access in the same region will be private IP addresses, not public IP addresses. Existing connections from your affected subnets to S3 that use public IP addresses may be dropped.
Ensure that you don’t have critical tasks running when you create or modify an endpoint