AngularJS4でルーティングありでng newする場合


ng new hoge -dir hoge-front --routing


ng new <options...>
  Creates a new directory and a new Angular app eg. "ng new [name]".
  --dry-run (Boolean) (Default: false) Run through without making any changes.
    aliases: -d, --dryRun
  --verbose (Boolean) (Default: false) Adds more details to output logging.
    aliases: -v, --verbose
  --skip-install (Boolean) (Default: false) Skip installing packages.
    aliases: -si, --skipInstall
  --skip-git (Boolean) (Default: false) Skip initializing a git repository.
    aliases: -sg, --skipGit
  --skip-tests (Boolean) (Default: false) Skip creating spec files.
    aliases: -st, --skipTests
  --skip-commit (Boolean) (Default: false) Skip committing the first commit to git.
    aliases: -sc, --skipCommit
  --directory (String) The directory name to create the app in.
    aliases: -dir <value>, --directory <value>
  --source-dir (String) (Default: src) The name of the source directory.
    aliases: -sd <value>, --sourceDir <value>
  --style (String) (Default: css) The style file default extension.
    aliases: --style <value>
  --prefix (String) (Default: app) The prefix to use for all component selectors.
    aliases: -p <value>, --prefix <value>
  --routing (Boolean) (Default: false) Generate a routing module.
    aliases: --routing
  --inline-style (Boolean) (Default: false) Should have an inline style.
    aliases: -is, --inlineStyle
  --inline-template (Boolean) (Default: false) Should have an inline template.
    aliases: -it, --inlineTemplate